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The Song of Songs is a mysterious text which has bewildered scholars and readers down through the centuries.  Is it a love story between a man and a woman? Or between God and His people?  Or something else?

One of our greatest Sages , Rabbi Akiva, said that the Song of Songs was the Holy of Holies of all the biblical stories. Wow!

We always had the suspicion that Solomon, after having put the Ark in its place, explained his deed in some kind of treasure map. Our time has come. We are the special generation that has been designated to unravel the exact location of the Ark.

Solomon was famous for his outstanding skill in playing with riddles and double meanings. But, what did he write? The Song of Songs was the main suspect!

We have analyzed his words with very simple deciphering systems within the reach of everybody.   Slowly, slowly, expressions came  to light which followed exactly the narrative of the building of the Temple, as shown in  1 Kings!    We knew that we were moving in the right direction.

Ways to decipher the Bible.

Please note that all the following systems may only be conducted in Hebrew.

Scientists are nowadays scanning the Bible with very sophisticated computers. They can find codes by skipping thousands of equidistant letters.                                                                                                                                                 The results are astonishing. Modern words appear embedded in the ancient text.

However, we are interested in enigma solving systems, accessible to each and everyone. Here are a few.


Changing the order of the letters to obtain a new and different word.  This is particularly meaningful in Hebrew because letters are also numbers. Such as 2×3=6, as well as 3×2=6. For instance, taking the first Hebrew word in Genesis בראשית (in the beginning) we can see א בתשרי (the first of Tishri, the Jewish New Year ). The surprise is that the name of the month of Tishri was acquired only during the Babylonian exile, many, many, many centuries later!

Skipping letters at a constant interval without a computer

For example, Creation is finished on the sixth day,  in Hebrew (יום הששי), then begins the day of rest.         However, if we take the last letter of the creation, י (yod), and we count 7 letters and again 7 letters and so on, we can read ישראל = Israel. The Sabbath is guarding Israel!


Every letter in the Hebrew alphabet has a numerical equivalent.

This leads to comparing words of equal value, in Hebrew.

For instance: Love is אהבה) 13), but also one (God) and “my father”.

Changing spaces between the words

The Bible, as were all ancient languages, was written without spaces between the words,We can try to use different spacing to obtain different meanings. A terrifying example is reading of Rabin’s murder foretold clearly more than 3,000 years before it happened.

We understand that sometimes, the appearance could be the  result of coincidence, but when coincidences repeat themselves over and over, can we not come to a meaningful conclusion?

Classification of dominant letters

The first line is the title: A Song of Songs which is Solomon’s.

Quite intriguing!

Taking all the letters of the title according to their number of appearances and positioning, we unveil the hidden title: The Full Story!

Moreover, the numerical value of this phrase is equivalent to:

How the King Solomon succeeded in laying the Ark in its place and there it still waits for us!


The text carries on with continuous hints, following the story in 1 Kings, and in the same order of the events. Already at the very beginning, we can see the name of the prodigious “Shamir”, the apparent marriage to the daughter of the Pharaoh, among many others.

We know that, when the King completed  the masonry of the Temple, he invited an artisan from Tyre who was an expert in the works of metals.    He manufactured all the tools and the two  pillars, Jachin and Boaz. They are indeed mysterious as they do not support any part of the building, they are hollow and they have “moved”.

Hiram, according to our interpretation appears approximately at the end of the third chapter, and we can find his name in the 8th paragraph, skipping only one letter.

Now we looked for the name of the pillars.They appear at the beginning of chapter 4, together in the first paragraph!

This is a real wonder, because their name is not mentioned in any other part of the Bible!

Coincidence? You decide.

We keep working and finding new clues. We will include them here whenever possible.



Yvonne Russell17 January 2015 at 2 h 59 minReply

Hello Eduardo: I traveled to Israel with MRood in 2012. I understand the Ark is under the Temple Mount. We went to Zedekiah’s cave. I also saw MRood’s DVD on The Great Secret of Solomon’s Temple. Please keep me posted on events. I am a flaming believer in Messiah Yeshua. Read/study scriptures daily. So interested in anything of my Yahovah.

Eduardo Recanetti2 February 2015 at 18 h 46 minReply

I appreciate your faith and enthusiasm. I don’t believe in the affirmations of M. Rood, but I follow the messages of the Hebrew Bible, intended for our miraculous generation. I am Jewish and I am a strong believer in the message of Jesus which is the precise message of Judaism. On the other hand I cannot accept his divinity, as I believe in the One God. Still, we have a lot to share as we believe in the same message. Let’s keep in touch!

Linda Fuller24 February 2015 at 6 h 38 minReply

Shalom Eduardo. A lot of Hebrew Root’s followers believe in One God, and not the Trinity that the Christian Church teaches.