As always, there are many opinions, often contradictory.

It is difficult to find an agreement on the fate of the Ark.

It should not come as a surprise. All the commentaries were formulated during the time of Jeremiah’s prophecy (3:16) . This was the will of God.  Therefore, the Sages were not supposed to deal with the subject of the Ark, and consequently, could not shed real light on the issue.

We certainly do not intend to show any lack of respect for their gigantic body of work. The Ark is the only exception!

Our discoveries are original and are derived from a careful reading of the Bible, without previous influence.

We do not lay claim to being geniuses, but rather lucky enough to have been born into the special generation. of choices. We are meant to find the answers and are given the tools to accomplish this.The time is now!

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Yvonne2 February 2015 at 23 h 07 minReply

These Scriptures are from the Bible.

(Lev 17:11) states that the Blood was given by the Almighty for the atonement of Israel’s sins. He made it clear there
is NO forgiveness of sins WITHOUT the shedding of Blood.

Reference to the Ark in (Jer 3:16) is the Ark was to be forgotten. This is approx. 3-6 years before Yeshua’s ministry
began. I don’t know the exact number of years before. Could it be that the Jews were trained to forget the Ark
for a reason?

The Crucifixion of Yeshua. The rocks rent, Yeshua’s side was pierced and out flowed the Blood and water down
between the rock onto the Ark of the Covenant under the Temple Mount. The Romans decided NOT to break
Yeshua’s bones. At the first Passover one of the instructions was the bones of the lamb were not to be broken. (Ex.
12:46; John 1:2; 19:31-34; 19:36; Ps 34:20; Isa. 53

If Yeshua’s Blood did not anoint (Dan 9:24) the most Holy Place (which was the Ark of the Covenant), then
mankind’s sins of the world have not been forgiven. I believe most “Christians” don’t understand this. They would
have to have a knowledge of the Lord’s Feasts. And I don’t believe they or their religious counselors do. This is being remedied presently as predicted in Zeph 3:9 speaking Hebrew language to know the Feasts.

The Apostle Paul (Heb 9:4) after detailing the Sacrificial Law that was fulfilled in the Atonement on the Ark, said he
couldn’t go into any further details of the Ark. Why? Is this reminiscent of the silence of (Jer 3:16)?

Could it be the Holy Ark was used in the Crucifixion and then would be used in the end times for the 2nd coming?
Why the secrecy of the Ark before both in the first and 2nd comings?

With great respect and awed reverence, I do believe that these Scriptural references are dynamically striking.